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Why You Should Have a Backup Portable Power Solution and What to Include in Your Portable Power Solution Set Up

solar portable power station

Alex Boki |

Having a portable power solution is more important than ever with rising fuel prices, severe weather events that knock out power, and in some places the possibility of rolling blackouts due to the increased strain on the electrical grid. Given these factors we recommend having a portable power solution setup that includes:  

  • Portable Power Station – a portable power station is the main power storage device that will power your devices such as your small electronics to small appliances and can even power a mini fridge. As a backup option we recommend having a power station portable that has a higher output and has a large capacity such as the Utility and Nomad with their 300W and 400W outputs respectively. These are easy to carry, have multiple ports and protect your devices. 
  • LED Floodlight – our LED floodlights are a great option to have as an emergency lighting option as they have an adjustable height that allows it to go from 27.95” (79.93 cm) to 70.47” (178.99 cm) in height, it also has wide beam angle of 140 degrees, and an adjustable head that can turn 360 degrees left and right & 270 degrees up & down. Our floodlights come in a 15W or a 20W option. 
  • Portable Solar Panel – Our portable solar panels allow you to power not only your devices, but they can also charge up a ROCKSOLAR portable power station, so you do not have to worry about how to charge your power station. Our solar panels are lightweight at under 10 pounds, can be neatly folded into roughly the size of a laptop, they include our adjustable kickstand so you can have a better angle for charging, and our ultra-efficiency solar cells which can give you up to 20-30% of their rated power under heavy cloud weather. 

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