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The Dos and Don'ts of Cleaning Your Portable Solar Panels from ROCKSOLAR

ROCKSOLAR solar panel

Shannon Godelie |

With the summer weather over and the winter weather not too far away we here at ROCKSOLAR want to provide you with a short guide on cleaning your solar panels before they are stored for the winter. 

The dos of cleaning your portable solar panels from ROCKSOLAR 

The first thing that needs to be done before the panels are cleaned is to disconnect any cables from the panels, then turn it off. 

 The most effective way to clean them for the most part is with regular cold water at a low pressure as it will not damage the panels. If there is any dirt that is still on the panels then you can use a soft sponge or soft cloth to remove the remaining dirt. A small amount of regular dish soap may be used when the panel cannot be fully cleaned with regular cold water but be advised that certain soaps can leave films on the panels.  

Note: Our panels have a IPX4 Water Resistance rating.   

The do nots of cleaning your portable solar panels from ROCKSOLAR 

  • Do not use high pressured water as it can damage the panels 
  • Do not use chemicals that can damage the panels such as a heavy-duty stain remover such as CLR as it can affect the performance of the panels
  • Do not get the electrical components wet such as the connection hub.  
  • Do not use boiling hot water to clean the panels 
  • Do not completely soak the panels 
  • Do not scrub the panels with a great deal of force 
  • Do not use hard water when cleaning the panels 
  • Do not use a rough sponge to clean the panels 

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