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Dylan Pedro |

April showers bring May flowers, which officially kicks off the outdoor season! Welcome the spring season and fuel your warm-weather fun with a ROCKSOLAR power station

April is all about enjoying the warmer temperatures and sunshine, but it is also about our earth! April 22, 2022, is Earth Day, a day we pledge to support environmental protection and this year’s theme is ‘Invest in our Planet.’ You can do your part and ‘invest’ in a ROCKSOLAR power station, the greenest portable energy source. 

As ROCKSOLAR power stations are solar power compatible, helping reduce your carbon footprint and making less of an impact on the environment. Solar energy decreases greenhouse gas emissions whereas traditional fossil fuels lead to rising global temperatures and climate change. Solar energy provides clean and renewable energy that is far more affordable than fossil fuel power stations and benefits the whole electricity grid. Fossil fuels such as coal, gas, and oils, create a lot of pollutants, while solar energy reduces our CO2 emissions and releases fewer pollutants in the air. 

ROCKSOLAR power stations also have complex battery management technologies built in to protect you and your gadgets from overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheating. These stations are multi-function generators with a variety of ports and quick-charging capabilities. Our power stations offer the highest quality green solutions for charging devices used for outdoor activities, making them ideal for the spring and summer months! Our solar generator with two extremely bright LED torches and modes is great for exploring caverns, traveling off the beaten path, hunting, night hiking, campgrounds, and roadside emergencies.

April’s featured power station of the month is a fan favorite, the ROCKSOLAR Nomad. The Nomad portable power station is a 400W / 444Wh lithium battery solar generator that includes multiple plug-and-play AC, DC, and USB ports. The Nomad carries a pure sine wace inverter and only weighs 11Ibs. With its 110V power, the ROCKSOLAR Nomad is the ideal indoor and outdoor green power station. 

Start planning those summer getaways in time for peak season warm weather and invest now in a ROCKSOLAR power station, equipped with all your needs. A ROCKSOLAR station will never let you down. 

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