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Power up the New Year with ROCKSOLAR

Portable Power Station

Alex Boki |

As we enter the New Year, you can power it up by having your portable power solution set up.  

Here are 3 items that can help you to power up this New Year: 

  1. ROCKSOLAR Portable Power Station – is the portable power solution to have this year because of its large capacity, high output to power your devices such as your smart phones and small appliances such as a small  projector, and its ability to be powered by our portable solar panels. Our power station lineup starts with the Weekender which is great for powering your small electronics such as your smart phone, tablet and laptop and goes all the way up to the Nomad which is powerful enough to power appliances such as a mini fridge.  
  2. ROCKSOLAR LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery – these batteries are an excellent choice for those looking to power their golf    carts, sail boats, and wheelchairs as These batteries are lighter than most other  kinds.  For instance, a 50AH Life P04 battery from ROCKSOLAR only weighs 13.2 pounds compared to over 70 pounds of a standard 50AH SLA Battery. Our LiFePO4 batteries also come with our 11-year warranty, and they are equipped with our Smart Battery Management System which offers temperature, short circuit, over discharge, over current  & over charge protection.  
  3. ROCKSOLAR Portable Solar Panel our portable solar panels an excellent addition to your portable power solution setup as they  are lightweight at under 10 pounds, can be neatly folded into roughly the size of a laptop, they include our adjustable kickstand so you can have a better angle for charging, and our ultra-efficiency solar cells which can give you up to 20-30% of their rated power under heavy cloud weather. 

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