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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With A ROCKSOLAR Power Station

Dylan Pedro |

Celebration! This month is all about celebrating. Celebrating women's day and now St Patrick’s Day! Take advantage of the sunny days and warmer weather and celebrate this year on St Patrick’s day! 

Whether you choose to have a barbecue, a house party, movie night or street party, a ROCKSOLAR Power Station will be there for you! 

There’s a certain amount of equipment that’s required for a successful party. Drinks must be kept chilled, food must be kept warm, margaritas must be blended, and the television must be turned on. And of course you'll need a power source! 

You always have the option of bringing gas generators, however they may be loud and stink like, well, gas. 

Instead, consider bringing along a ROCKSOLAR Portable Power Station, which is quiet and odor-free.

The Power Stations from ROCKSOLAR are available in a variety of sizes to meet the amount of devices you need to charge. They have enough ports and juice to keep your party going strong.

You can use it to run a mini-fridge for drinks, a slow cooker to keep chili warm, your TV, and your blender, among other things. You can also charge your phone if needed.

The ROCKSOLAR Power Stations can be charged at home in advance, in your vehicle with a 12V connection, or with solar panels. With a ROCKSOLAR Generator, you'll have virtually infinite electricity as long as the sun shines on your party. 

Aside from a Power Station and all of the essentials, you'll probably want to bring at least a couple chairs, coolers and ice, blankets and hand warmers for cold game days, any food preparation and serving equipment, and, of course, your St Patrick’s day enthusiasm.

Visit our website to purchase one before its too late! 

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