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5 things to do on a road trip

5 things to do on a road trip

Ananya Chopra |

5 things to do on a road trip 

Are you planning a long road trip? Perhaps you're planning a trip to the National Parks, a beach vacation, or a family get-together. Regardless of the destination, it's important to have a driving plan in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey. 

That's why we've put up a comprehensive list of things to see and do on a road trip. So, whether you're driving solo or with the whole family, keep reading to help you plan your next road trip.




Another of the best things to do in the car is to listen to an interesting narrative on audiobooks. There's an audiobook out there for everyone, from mystery to espionage to romance, that will make you want to stay in the car just a little longer to finish a chapter.

Here are some suggestions 

All the lonely people by Mike Gayle 

Finlay Donovan is Killing it by Elle Cosimano 

Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Rabbits by Terry Miles

Act your age, eve brown by Talia Hibbert 

  1. Camping

Instead of attempting to complete your journey in one herculean effort with the occasional rest stop sleep, consider camping for the night. 

No matter where your road journey takes you, you'll undoubtedly pass by a number of campgrounds. So, toss a used tent in your car and plan a fun small camping vacation to enjoy the outdoors. 

Pro Tip: Don't forget to bring some blankets and food, as well as a power source for your phone and other equipment, for your camping evening. A ROCKSOLAR Power Station is perfect for charging electronics or powering your computer so you can watch a movie later in the evening.


  1. Research fun stops along the way 

Making room for spontaneous adventure on a road trip is a wonderful thing to do because road trips are all about discovering and travelling. To break up the monotony of traveling, plan ahead of time and identify intriguing and unique side trips. 

To keep the kids entertained, these sites can be amazing parks, attractions, or well-known ice cream parlors. Along your path, these could be well-known historical sites, museums, restaurants, or national parks. Allow yourself to be spontaneous.

  1. Movies 

Set yourself up with a movie or series if you have any restless passengers on your vacation who are searching for something to do in the car for hours on end. If your vehicle doesn't have an entertainment system built in, a laptop or tablet will suffice. 

Make sure you have a plan in place to power these gadgets. Either a car adaptor or (better still) a ROCKSOLAR Power Station, which allows the devices to be powered even when the car is switched off.

  1. Play 20 Questions 

20 Questions is a great game to play on a long car ride since it is both entertaining and simple. Simply choose something, and your fellow travelers will have 20 questions to try to find out what it is. You can set some ground rules in advance, depending on your group, such as specified categories like animals, places, or meals.

You should never have to worry about how to have a good time on a road trip again. We've covered everything there is to do during a long journey, from what games to play to what music to listen to. 

So fill up the tank, pack your belongings, snag a ROCKSOLAR Power Station if you're in need, and get ready for an amazing vacation!

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