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At ROCKSOLAR, we understand that our achievements are intertwined with the accomplishments of our affiliate partners. If you're curious about the mechanics of partner marketing, we're here to provide you with further information.


Our ROCKSOLAR Ambassadors are a handpicked team of talented DIY off-grid power system experts and content creators. They embody our core values of enabling energy independence for everyone, and bring our mission to life through their work.


At ROCKSOLAR, we pride ourselves on producing reliable and trustworthy products that you can confidently offer to your customers. As our partner, you'll enjoy exclusive access to competitive pricing, marketing materials, personalized support, and other perks. We're dedicated to helping you succeed in every way possible.


We have offices in Canada and USA. Each office has a local sales and service team and a warehouse.


General Information:

Business hours: eastern time (UTC−05:00) 9 am-5 pm

Tel: +1 (800) 858-4318


Technical Support:

Business hours: eastern time (UTC−05:00) 9 am-5 pm

Tel: +1 (800) 858-4318