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ROCKSOLAR Affordable Portable Power Stations

Dylan Pedro |

ROCKSOLAR was created in response to the demand for off-grid power sources everywhere and the massive scale of the camping market, outdoor activities, and emergency/natural disaster events, becoming the leader in cutting-edge energy sources.

Are you in search of a functional and prime-quality holiday present? Well, whether you're an adventurous outdoor enthusiast, or you simply like to protect your family -or yourself- with the best, during emergencies: this year thanks to ROCKSOLAR, you can buy affordable portable power stations that are a budget-friendly power backup for your loved ones. And now, with their holiday season offers, you'll be able to find a variety of Lightweight Portable Power Stations with up to a 30% discount: whether you're searching for a solar panel, a power plant, or even a package, ROCKSOLAR has your back. This holiday season, give the gift of peace of mind!

ROCKSOLAR was founded in the United States of America by a group of battery engineers, and it was created in response to the demand for off-grid power sources everywhere and the massive scale of the market for camping, outdoor activities, and emergency or natural disaster events. The products are equipped with the latest innovations to provide rugged design, high performance, exceptional quality, and quiet, smoke-free portable power generators. So where there is sun, there is infinite energy that you can collect, store and use!

The uses for a ROCKSOLAR product are diverse, and it doesn't matter if you're dealing with snowstorms, flooding, or any other number of reasons behind a power outage, if you have at home one of their Foldable Solar Panels, you can give your family and friends the peace of mind that you’ll always have a backup power source when it's needed.

And if you keep wondering why you should use portable lithium power stations? The answer's simple, lithium batteries have much higher electrical efficiency compared to lead-acid batteries. LiFeTech lithium batteries typically have a 98% charge efficiency compared to 70% to 85% for lead-acid batteries. They also have significantly faster charge times than lead-acid batteries. What this means is that the lithium battery will charge more efficiently and quickly than a lead-acid battery. This can be particularly important in situations with limited charging methods available, such as solar panels. Also, lithium batteries are the safest for consumers and the environment. Internally, they do not contain corrosive sulphuric acid or toxic heavy metals such as lead or cadmium that can be harmful to the environment if filtered.

Another asset to these top-quality products is their adaptability, imagine that you can charge your ROCKSOLAR products from your car with a 12V carport! All you have to do is use the included car charger -all units except Weekender RS81- and connect the unit to a 12V car port (cigarette lighter port) in your car. Then, you will know the unit is correctly charging when the blue LED battery indicator turns on and flashes. The unit is fully charged when all battery indicators stop flashing and remain solid.

Be ready for any adventure -or unexpected situations- with your ROCKSOLAR products, and remember that all of them include free standard shipping and a 12-month guarantee. Stay powered prepared wherever you are!


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