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Emergency Backup Power Station

Emergency Backup Power Station

Shannon Godelie |

A portable power station is a device used to store an electrical charge in an internal battery for the purpose of transferring the stored charge into your various devices, such as a tablet, phone, or flashlight. The portable power station can be charged in several ways, including using a solar panel, a standard electrical outlet, or other energy outputs. 

Essentially, portable power stations are oversized rechargeable batteries—about the size of a countertop toaster oven—that you plug into a typical outlet to charge with outlets for your devices.

Unlike gas powered generators, you can safely run a portable power station inside because it doesn't generate any emissions. They have enough power to run a few small appliances for a short time. As mentioned above, they come with various outlets so you can run small appliances and smaller devices like phones and laptops. 

Because these portable power stations are so versatile, they really make the perfect backup energy solution for a variety of situations. Whether you store them at home, in a vehicle, or off-grid shelter, these power systems are the perfect solution to keep your electronics going for a few hours to a few days.

Home Power Station

Power outages are a nuisance at best and dangerous at worst. Depending on your situation, a backup power source might just be the way to take the edge off of an already stressful situation. However, if you are in a situation where someone in your household relies on life sustaining medical devices or needs to keep medicine at certain temperatures, a backup power station is essential.

Unlike gas generators, there is no need to fuss over making sure that you have enough fuel or even worry about fuel going stale. Portable power stations are perfect for in-home use because they don’t produce any noise, fumes, or gasses and are relatively light and easy to move around.

Portable Power Stations For Vehicles 

Finding yourself without power while traveling or out at your spot for the night  can be extremely stressful. These portable power stations are the perfect addition to your vehicle bug out kit or simply part of your gear list. 

They can easily be managed by a single person when it comes to moving it around and getting it set up to charge or to be used. There is no fuel involved which makes it perfectly safe with no worries about dangerous fuel spilling or igniting. 

Whether you’re driving around in the back country or settling down at a campsite for a few days, it’s always a good idea to ensure that you will have enough power to keep your electronics going just in case you have to stay out longer or  you use more energy than you anticipated. Cold weather can quickly drain batteries, so plan accordingly! 

Although the initial investment can be costly, they can be a far more economical option down the road. Almost all of these battery packs come with the option to support solar charging, but some rigs are even built to collect wind energy. 

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